21 Entertaining Business Shower Game Ideas

It’s time for some serious fun! Keep your party guests entertained with these creative business shower games.

A business shower is a fun, new way to celebrate and congratulate an entrepreneur on their new business venture. Similarly to games played at a traditional baby or bridal shower, these will help your loved ones get to know each other while celebrating the guest of honor. 

If you’re looking for business shower game ideas, we’ve got you covered! We’ve taken classic games and given them a creative, business-y spin, sure to provide laughs, entertainment and maybe even some inspiration for everyone attending your special event.

Let the games begin! Keep scrolling to find 21 games for an unforgettable business shower. 


1. Would She Rather? 

Have a list of ‘this or that’ options for the entrepreneur to pick her preferences from, like coffee or tea, work alone or in a team. Have your party guests guess which option she would choose and whoever has the most correct answers wins!


2. Hashtag Brag

Have your party guests brainstorm and jot down hashtag ideas for the entrepreneur to use to promote her new business on social media. The best hashtag chosen by the entrepreneur wins!


3. Celebrity Business Names

Make a list of business names whose founder or owner is a well-known female celebrity. Have your party guests guess and match each business with its corresponding celebrity. The winner is the person with the most correct answers!


4. How Well Do You Know the Ambitious Babe?

Collect interesting facts about the entrepreneur like “What was her first paying job?” or “How does she like to dress for work?” and have your party guests guess and answer each question. Whoever has the most right answers wins! 


5. Referral Raffle

Have each party guest write out a referral card (including name and contact details) for a potential customer or resource for the entrepreneur to reach out to. Place all the cards in a basket and at the end of the event, select one at random to win a special prize.


6. Business Emoji Pictionary

Make a list of business-related words or phrases that are represented by emojis and have your party guests guess what they are. The person with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins!


7. Find the Guest

This is a terrific activity to break the ice and get people talking to each other. Each person is given a list of characteristics (like who has managed a team, works from home, uses a day planner, etc.) and must mix and mingle to find a guest who matches each description. The conversation will be lively and everyone will enjoy learning more about your loved ones!


8. Match the Lyrics

Have a list of short, empowering lyrics by famous female singers. Have your party guests identify and match which artist sings each of the lyrics. The person with the most correct matches is the winner! Tip: add these songs to your party playlist!


9. Business Bingo

Each guest is given a blank bingo card to fill in with what they think the entrepreneur and new business will receive. As the gifts are opened, have guests mark off the matching spaces. The first person to get 5 in a row wins!


10. Power Outfit

Have your party guests draw the outfit that makes them feel the most confident and empowered! Provide crayons, colored pencils or markers as options to draw with. 


11. Business A-Z - Alphabet Game

Set a timer and have your party guests come up with a business-related word for each letter of the alphabet. The person with the most words wins!


12. Match the Movie Quote

Make a list of short movie quotes about or said by empowering women. Have your party guests identify and match which movie each phrase came from. The winner is the person with the most correct matches! 


13. The Price is Right

Create a display or a list of roughly ten numbered office supplies, such as a stapler, paper clips, and file folders. Have your guests guess the price of each item - keep an answer key of the general price in your local area handy. The person who gets closest to the actual cost of the items wins. Tip: all of the supplies can also be given to the entrepreneur as a gift! 


14. What’s in Your Purse?

Make a list of both common and uncommon (but handy for business) items people might carry in a purse. Have your party guests check off all the items they have in their own purses. The person with the most items off the list wins! Include items like a pen, glasses, business card, or a planner.


15. Business Word Scramble

Have a list of scrambled business-related words. Whoever can unscramble the most words in the shortest amount of time wins!


16. What’s On Your Phone?

Create a list of items for guests to search for in their phones - scavenger hunt style. Have your party guests check off all the items they can find, and the person with the most items wins! Some examples include a selfie at work, a text from their boss, or a habit tracker app.


17. Business Plan Mad Libs

Print out a short and simple business plan and leave blank spaces for nouns, verbs and adjectives. Throughout the party, the host will ask each guest for a word to fill in each blank - bonus points for silly words! At the end of the party, the entrepreneur reads the business plan aloud.


18. Whose Memory?

Have each guest write down one of their favorite memories they have with the entrepreneur, even better if they are funny and work-related. Put the memories in a basket and have the entrepreneur each one aloud. Then, either the entrepreneur or the guests can guess who each memory belongs to.


19. Charades - Business Edition

Divide the party into teams and write down different things to act out on small pieces of paper - you can get pretty creative with the theme here like ‘careers/occupations,’ ‘big business names’ or ‘inspiring and empowering women.’ Players take turns silently acting out clues to their own teammates, who must guess as many answers as they can in 1 minute or less.


20. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun interactive activity that will help get party guests up and on their feet and moving about the space. This is a great option for hosting a coed shower or if you’re doing a combined business shower and launch party. You can hide business supplies or products from the new business. Bonus: the found items can be claimed as prizes!


21. How Old Was She? Whose Memory?

Hang up roughly ten numbered pictures of the entrepreneur at various ages. Have guests write down at what age they think each picture was taken, the person with the most correct guesses wins!


Where can you purchase business shower games?

Boss Bash offers a variety of business shower game templates that can be customized to fit your own business shower theme. Simply edit, download, and print the games to have them ready for the big day!


How many games should be played at a business shower?

You can plan to play anywhere from one to four games, depending on the duration of your business shower.


Is it necessary to play games at a business shower?

Although games aren’t needed for your business shower, they help your loved ones get to know one another while celebrating the entrepreneur and the new business. If games aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities to keep guests entertained, like taking pictures in front of a decorated photo backdrop, socializing over bites and drinks and discussing the entrepreneur’s new business ideas and opportunities.


For more business shower tips and inspiration, be sure to follow Boss Bash on social @shopbossbash.


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